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Originally Posted by RV7A Flyer View Post
I'll go by what they've *written*. Anybody can say anything over the phone.

Plus...the more stuff you needlessly take apart, the more chances you get to mess something up, and the last thing I want to mess up is my *fuel system*. Remember the Waddington effect?

Manual says don't take it apart unless you (have or) suspect contamination upstream. Sounds like good advice to me.
Peter is who I spoke with. He has been there in the tech support role for quite a long time and knows the product very well.
However, I get what you are saying and the choice is certainly yours to make. I don't think inspecting this part is needless, but we can agree to disagree.
I would say that I am probably your best advocate. I have never found anything in that screen, ever.... but I will still keep looking.
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