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Originally Posted by dhmoose View Post
Bill, you made me curious and I referenced the Precision Airmotive EX-5 servo manual. It reads " The airplane's fuel filter needs to be maintained to ensure that the servo gets clean fuel. The fuel filter inside the servo is a last chance filter. This filter does not need to be checked or cleaned unless it is suspected that contaminates have entered the fuel line after the aircraft's fuel filter."

Hopefully, I saved you some headaches at annual
Hmmm. Now things start to make sense. If one externally filters to the same particle size as the internal screen (the 32/35 mesh requirements noted earlier in thread) then the internal screen will never catch any debris. No need to check it.

In the vans std setup, the AFP is a coarse screen so the EX5 screen may pick up debris. I'll keep cleaning it for that reason. Thanks for the info!
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