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Originally Posted by rzbill View Post
There is a fine screen filter in the AFP pump system (between the seats). Its the big gold anodized cylinder. Contact Airflow Performance in Spartanburg, SC for details if you do not have original documentation.

There is also a VERY VERY fine screen filter in the SilverHawk fuel injector servo body. Contact Precision Airmotive for documentation regarding maintenance.

Both of these filters should be inspected and cleaned at the annual condition inspection.
Bill, you made me curious and I referenced the Precision Airmotive EX-5 servo manual. It reads " The airplane's fuel filter needs to be maintained to ensure that the servo gets clean fuel. The fuel filter inside the servo is a last chance filter. This filter does not need to be checked or cleaned unless it is suspected that contaminates have entered the fuel line after the aircraft's fuel filter."

Hopefully, I saved you some headaches at annual
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