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Originally Posted by HeliCooper View Post
After getting the rear bulkhead on the fuel tanks and letting them harden I am noticing that most of my rivets are sitting proud. I am guessing this is from a layer of proseal in the countersink as well as my countersinks being just a tad shallow. I am wondering if anyone has any stories of using a rivet shaver. I am tempted to buy one off ebay and try and get these rivets flush but am horrified I could just ruin my tanks or make a bigger disaster than they are now. Most rivets seem to be sitting about .005 proud by feeler gauge. Some are beyond .006 and I would have to drill those out and reset them.

Additionally I have a few rivets elsewhere that are in the dimple at a slight angle making a snag. Can I drill these out and use a close end flush rivet in its place?

Leave them alone Jim. Painter will take care of their pride unless you want it polished then it's the whole another story. Get her in the air first
Where is N666BK?

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