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Default Not correct

Originally Posted by F1R View Post
If you had a static line open as in totally disconnected, inside the cockpit, you would see a false LOW airspeed and false low altitude from ram air vent pressure raising the cockpit pressure slightly above accurate static air pressure.

In this same situation, (totally open /broken/ disconnected static fitting inside the cockpit) as your air speed decreases -as in an approach for landing, the air speed and altimeter will read closer to correct. - as you have less ram air pressure from reduced forward speed.
This is not correct. An open static system inside will show an INCREASE in airspeed. Don't believe me, just crack your alternate static vent sometime while in cruise.

I use to tease kids when were flying that we were going to go into warp speed and I would tell them to watch the airspeed indicator. I would put a little G on the airplane and crack the static line at the same time. Instant airspeed acceleration.

Sounds like you have a pitot line leak.

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