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Default Airspeed low: Pitot obstruction?

Posting this on the steam gauges forum because both EFIS and mechanical ASI showing same indications. On my flight today, I noticed my airspeed reading unusually low. (RV-8A, O-360, Dynon pitot/AOA probe.) Flying today at 3000ft, 24", 2400 RPM indicating 125 knots on both my backup airspeed indicator and my Dynon D180. Engine seemed to be running fine. Climb performance was fine. Groundspeed was 180 with the dynon showing a 32 knot quartering tailwind (which I don't know how to interpret given the fact that I don't trust the IAS from that instrument). Landing over the fence at 70, I must have really been doing 90, because I sure felt fast.
So before the return flight I looked (of course) and didn't see anything in the pitot tube. I sucked on it (yeah--in thinking about it now--I'm kinda grossed out about it too)--I felt a little bit of something come out. I probed it with some safety wire, both the main hole and the little hole on the bottom--whatever that is. Return flight, same indications.
I could call the avionics guy out (there is no one at our airport), but this is something I should (in theory) be able to fix--with a little help from my VAF friends.
Thanks in advance.

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