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any update on your status?

I sent my unit with a non-functional display port. Everything else worked. That was about two weeks ago. Bill was very communicative until this week, then he went into the silent mode again. Voice mail on first ring, not responding to email or voice mail.

I finally got a hold of him. He gave me his cell phone last summer, so I called it as a last resort. It appears that I'm in a similar situation. He confirmed the defect, he said parts were ordered and should arrive today or Monday.

I'm a little disappointed in that when I sent it in just before the AD fiasco, it got a clean bill of health. I won't speculate what happened.

He also confirmed that the Display Port 2 issue will be fixed in the next software release, but didn't confirm when it would be released.

I do find it interesting that he had to order parts for both Ralph's and my units. I would think he would stock a minimal level of parts for incidental repairs.

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