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Default Flights for Lt Col Cole's 102nd birthday!

I was honored to participate in the flyovers for Lt Cole Dick Cole's 102nd birthday bash this week. I was #4 in a flight led by a 1944 SNJ (T-6) and the other flight was led by the B-25 Yellow Rose and included a P-39!

Here's a helmet-cam view of some of the flight. In the first quick clips you'll see the B-25 flight passing us on the left as we took turns overflying the celebration. We old-timers will enjoy the music clip I put on the video (until YouTube figures it out and drops it).

This is me photo-bombing with the birthday bad-a$$ at the party afterwards

Believe it or not, this is actually a birthday cake!!

And this was another birthday cake

Here's an award winning display built by a school kid honoring Col Cole and the Tokyo Raiders:
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