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Scott, my post of some flight data was in response to questions regarding fuel burn experience and I am sorry I included my indicated air speeds. A lightly loaded 12 flying one time in rather ideal conditions, including high density atmosphere, and noting indicated air speed without regard for wind speed or direction as well as using rather short term Dynon readings is not my definition of controlled test results, just interesting data. I hope everyone knew that fact.

As to propeller pitch, airmen have been arguing over the merits and faults of Cruise Props vs Climb Props vs Constant Speed Props for at least most of my years on this earth. One of the features of our experimental world is the option to customize our aircraft to suit our needs and normal flying conditions, with respect for limitations. Flying my lightly loaded 12 here in the relatively open, unobstructed area in the Northwest and near sea level is obviously not universal conditions. By the way, I am slightly under 200 lbs, my 12 weighs less than 770 lbs and suits my needs and wishes quite well. I certainly agree, pilots should be quite aware of the ill effects of "lugging" an engine at full throttle, especially below peak torque RPM, and the need to care for temperatures and oil pressure. I think I am a conservative pilot and try not to push the envelope. I chose the way my 12 is fitted and try fly it accordingly. Maybe Van's designed it just for me, I like it! Thanks for listening.
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