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Originally Posted by Tacco View Post
Starting this tomorrow, studying the instructions tonight.

What is the measurement on Figure 8 about center page ( 1/2). Looks like an arrow is missing(?). Looks like it refers to distance of forward hole to be drilled in WD-1027..but from what reference point? Also, in drilling these holes through the horn(6 of them), The intent appears to be to drill into the spar cap as well, even though these holes (in the spar cap) will not be filled with a rivet. Only the horn and the doubler will be riveted. I assume this is because of the difficulty in avoiding drilling HS-1232 and WD-1027 separated from the spar and the necessity of keeping the HS-1232 doubler aligned.

Good question about the "1/2" Steve. The two measurements needed for locating the holes in WD-1207 are already on the drawing. It looks like your assumption about the spar cap is correct. I don't see why the WD-1207 Stabilator Horn can't be removed, marked and drilled on the drill press. Then remounted, the HS-01232 put in place, match drilled and clecoed. Then just drill through WD-1207 just enough to mark the location of the holes in HS-01232. Remove HS-01232 and drill it on the drill press. That way the Spar Cap doesn't need to be drilled into.

I'm ordering my SB-18-02-02 and SB-18-02-03 kits today so will be anxious to see how this goes for you.

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