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Default happy with the seat mod

Just want to chime in and say I installed the seat back mod in my 9A slider and I am very happy with it. wife is happy!..we notice the shoulder room difference, as we are not shoulder to shoulder anymore. does not seen like alot when you look at the 2 seats empty, with one forward from the other, but it give the ability to adjust so as not to rubbing shoulders, so to speak.
I have 3 piano hinges on the floor for the seat back btw, and I even further modified the seatback flap, which is the part hinged to the upper seat back, on both seats, with a 1 inch wide by about 8 inch long, slightly bent along the length in the center, so as to give 3 positions for the upper seat back. I riveted this to the underside of the seatback flap, and it gives a "middle choice" I am 5'11 and 195, and I generally fly with the bottom of the seat in the furthermost aft piano hinge, and the upper seatback flap in the middle position on the seat back flap/rest.
when we travel , she likes the passenger seat all the way back in both top and bottom, and has no trouble keeping her feet away from the rudder pedals, and not be scrunched up..she is 5'8" tall..this puts our shoulder about 2 inchs or so off center from each other, and give a huge perception of more room. Just feels better.
I also installed the super track extender slider rails, another really good mod. with the extended canopy rails the canopy now goes back far enough, when she gets out, she can get her butt up on the back of the seat without the canopy diggin her in the back.. much easier for egress and entry. These are probably the 2 best mods one can make on this airframe, for ergonomics, in my opinion. FWIW!
hmm..the canopy shade might come close too!
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