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Originally Posted by 6ato14a View Post
I don't think it changes the shoulder room.

It gives more head room but still very close if you have a long torso.

I didn't put the covers on the outboard corners as it would require taking the rollover off to install them so they are still uncovered like when new from plans with the original crossbar ends installed under the crossbar.

If I were doing it again I would install the new crossbar before cutting out the old one as I think it would be easier especially on a slider. No chance for fuselage to change dimension.

There are several installs at KLMO just north of Denver if anyone wants to look,sit,fly.
....The new cross bar cannot be installed without removing the original.
If one were to do this, the new one would not be in the correct place, and
most of the engineering would be wrong. Thanks, Allan
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