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Default paint onto polished alum.

obviosly i'm new to this fourm ,but i do know paint. i'm in the finishing stages of painting an rv-4 with a scheme that has polished aluminum incorporated in the design. mnforrest has it down pretty good.
here's what i did, 1. clean the the plane completly with ppg dx 330 and/or dx 103.(dx 103 is used for plastic and avoids static.) you need to clean first so the tape sticks and your not impregnating the metal with any contaminates.
2. fine line the paint scheme with 3m #06301 1/4" tape. you want to use 1/8" for tighter corners. this tape sticks very well,leaves a nice sharp clean edge, and won't lift or pull up like the blue vinal will.
3. mask with automotive masking tape. i like pg 27 american. don't screw yourself with that **** from homo depot. use a cotated paper to be safe so the paint doesn't soak through. the green paper thats sold is generaly used for primer and will "lint up" when painted over. if you do use the green paper mask with tape 4-6" up along the canopy and windshield.
4. red scotch brite 3m #7447 agressively. be careful near the fine line tape but try not to leave any shiny spots. your masking.
6.pre clean with dx330 or 103.
8.start the paint process. i would recomend you use one system through out and not mix systems. i like to use ppg because i'm used to it and can fix anything that might go wrong.
9.ppg dplf. dplf 50 is grey and should cover nicely. 2 coats for good film build.
10. let sealer dry. apply color. let paint setup between coats. if b/c let dry about 1hr for twotone taping to try to avoid tape lines.
11.clear if need be,i like ppg 2042 clear, it lays out bitchen and polishes like butter. you probably can't buy it in your area so ask the paint store what the body shops in the area are using.
12.let dry over night
13 unmask. be careful! try to leave the fine line for last. pull the tape back over itself to leave a nice crisp line. slowly please.

i don't know what type of equipment you have but be shure you have enough air. lowes has a cheap kobalt gun for around $100 that works well for the home hobiest.

good luck if your painting your self. practice first and remember to keep moving the gun. if your having a pro paint it for you, trust the painter!
any questions or need help 951-834-2125 cal.time.

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