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This part will test your patience.

I worked on the stick stops and made all four points to the near perfect, a piece of paper will engage almost equally on both sides, up and down, and my angels were nicely just about the range it has been given 13.6 forward and 23.1 aft.
Then I installed my elevators only to find out that the stops are getting engaged at the stick before the elevator hit the stop and not even close to the full deflection of 30 and 25 that is called for. So, I filed the tail for the full deflection range on the elevator and now with .3 degree of 30 and 25 degree but need to go back to the limits on the stick and file those, presumably quite a bit to make sure I am not being limited by the stick. I guess this will be a six-month task if I work on it 8 hours a day  So not looking forward to it.
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