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Originally Posted by waterboy2110 View Post
Ron, I'm right next door in the Burg. To keep in the spirit of this thread - it's your choice to run AutoFuel. You decide if all the extra handling, formula changes and lack of quality control is worth the risk to your plane, the planes around you and possibly your life.

I have twenty thou$and reasons why I won't. No mater the rating, I've got a box of parts that says it won't hold up.

I thought you were going with the UL?
I am doing UL. But much like the Rotax, the UL is rated to run on regular unleaded 91AKI fuel with up to 15% ethanol (I think the Rotax is only for 10%). It’s difficult for me to understand what risks you’re speaking of without more information - probably good for a separate thread.

My brother’s Piper Warrior runs on MOGAS just fine and has done so for many years. At the risk of being very obvious, my car runs fine on MOGAS and it’s the same compression ratio as my aircraft engine. Running MOGAS is just fine, assuming your engine is rated to run on it.

If the engine is rated to run on certain fuel and you’re still getting detonation, there’s likely something else at issue - maybe timing?

Back to the thread, transferring your own fuel is a very cost effective process.
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