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Originally Posted by n18pf View Post
I've been following this forum for some time. I promised myself that when I finished my RV, I'd dive into this APRS stuff (one thing at a time!).

Well last Sunday I passed the test and today my name appeared on the FCC website! So I rushed home from work and configured my Micro Trak - following Sam's instructions to the letter! I slapped it in the car and took a drive around the block and I'll be - it actually works! I can't wait to try it in the RV!

Sam - thank you for your patient guidance. Your posted instructions are perfect for a newbie to get started. My only concern is this may become addictive. Just what I need, another expensive hobby!!

I've been following the discussions on antenna design and placement, but first I'm just going to see if I can use the magnetic mount suction cupped onto the canopy (tip up). I'm sure many other tests will follow, but for now I just want to see if it works!!

So thanks again to everyone who contributed to this forum and lit my fire!
Welcome to the community, Paul!

Your tracker appears to be working very nicely. Get that thing in the -7A and you will be amazed at how well it will drop breadcrumbs. Fortunately you don't have to spend much money to get a bunch of utility out of APRS.

Happy trackin'!
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