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Originally Posted by snopercod View Post
I think these days you're suppose to have the blue epoxy floats.
Note also there is a version of the metal float which is NOT affected by the current or previous M-S Service Bulletin. When I had my carb IRAN'd prior to first engine run the overhaul shop asked if I wanted to spend the $400 for the blue float or $115 for the metal float. After a good chat it was decided I would go with the metal float, a float which has given them zero troubles, rather than the blue float that might end up with the same as the plastic float it's replacing.

The OH shop manager summed it up with words that went like this... "The plastic float was installed in response to a SB to get rid of defective metal floats. A few years later we're replacing their gee-whiz plastic float with another unproven plastic float while a proven metal float exists. It's stupid to think the new blue float is worth the money they charge when they said the same thing about the plastic floats that sink."

'Nuff said - I was convinced and went with the proven metal float.
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