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This is a new wrinkle to the situation of being upside down in an RV7A slider.
I have done it, not proud, and it was not fun. I was not hurt. Thank God. Canopy cracked and opened a hole for me to crawl out.

When I got out I did notice that fuel was flowing very slowly out of the fuel vents. Fuel flowed and evaporated almost as fast as it came out. No dead grass on the runway.

Another issue I thought was interesting. The battery was dead short circuited.
What happened when it went upside down, the battery went upside down, slide and the + and - were connected. The battery went dead almost immediately.
This I thought was a good thing, maybe it prevented a fire?

Tip-up or Slider in a up-side down situation? For me, I would take a slider any day. But truthful, it may depend upon the crash circumstances.
I would rather not be upside down at all.
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