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Default Day Thirty-Six (cont.)

It was really windy there, and I could still see the Canadian smoke putting a haze in the air. I walked into the shack to have a look.

There was a desk, a few chairs, and restrooms with running water. That was about it, and that was just fine with me. I did not feel like getting knocked around anymore that day in the smoke and haze.

About ten minutes after I landed, I was getting fuel when a guy came driving through the gate in a white pickup. I introduced myself, and he said his name was Kevin, the airport manager. He asked me if I was going to stay the night there, and I told him that, yes, I was planning on it. He said I could use the Lincoln Town Car if I wanted to. I had to call the local sheriff’s office to get a code for the key lock, however. I thanked Kevin, and after getting topped off with fuel, I parked the Dove with her nose to the wind.

Meanwhile, Kevin pulled out his C-172 and started wiping it down.

Kevin told me that he had not wiped down or washed the plane since he owned it. I was not sure how or why he suddenly got motivated to clean his airplane that evening, but I did not question it. I went back into the shack and called up the sheriff’s office. A friendly lady answered the phone, and I told her that I needed to get the code for the Town Car. The key was in a lock box on the wall. The lady was unsure what the code might be, so she told me to give her my phone number. She would check with somebody who might know. She called me back a few minutes later and gave me the code. She asked for my name and aircraft tail number. I told her. Then she asked for an expected return date for the vehicle.

“Tomorrow morning,” I said.

I went back out and asked Kevin if there was an automotive parts store in town. I needed to buy some more Marvel and I wondered if they were still open. Kevin took out his phone and called somebody up. He told whomever he was talking to that I would be coming into town maybe five or ten minutes after closing time. Could he keep the tills open until then? Sure, no problem. Kevin put his phone away and told me where to go. The guy was waiting for me, he said. I thanked him.

Then I got into the Lincoln Town Car, started it up, and drove into town.

I pulled into the parts store and bought a quart of Marvel.

Then I headed back to the airport. I wanted to make sure that I had everything square with Kevin before he went home for the day, and I wanted to thank him again for his hospitality and for talking to that guy at the auto parts store.

After Kevin put his Cessna back in the hangar and left the airport, I decided to drive into White Sulphur Springs to explore the town while I still had the daylight to do it. And I did.

I parked the Lincoln Town Car behind the local hospital and started walking down Main Street.

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