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Also...Greg's RV4 pictured previously has 2 Comm's, 2 GPS's, 1 NAV, a good audio panel, (2 axis Autopilot with GPS steering and Vertical Speed Altitude Hold), neat new Red LED swivel map/cockpit lighting (hidden under the canopy rails), and nice little EL lighted 1.25" UMA fuel guages.

It's a WHOLE lot of stuff crammed into an RV4 panel (in fact we had to do it twice because we forgot about the canopy frame the 1st time and didn't leave quite enough room over the top of the panel.

Lastly, note the new Stainless Steel striker plate for the canopy pin. I've noticed a few of you put those on up front, those of you that didn't will find a scratch/galled panel within not too many hours from the canopy pin - it's worth your time to make a striker plate there.


P.S., I'm still upset that Greg stole that airplane back from my was a veritable Rocket Ship with the powerful counterweighted 360 (new 4 pipe exhaust) & new Hartzell BA Prop - what a BLAST of an airplane to fly!

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