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Default So You Wanna Fly Victor Airways...With No Nav Radio

Starting a new thread here and the reason is to hopefully generate some discussion on using the RV-12 avionics to it’s capabilities. Since we don’t have a nav radio, we’ll have to make do for a lot of nav functions with just GPS. There is a lot of capability though, and that includes the D-180 panel as well as the SkyView. This thread can apply to either, the Garmin X96 GPS have a lot of capability, even some that SV does not.

For instance, the Garmin 496 that I had in my D-180 panel could load approaches, although they were truncated; they did not include procedure turns. The approaches only gave the options of flying vectors to the extended runway center line or flying a flight plan to the approach fixes. With SkyView there are no approaches unless you have a IFR navigator installed. Also, with the D-180 panel, the Garmin SL40 radio could automatically get airport frequencies from the Garmin 496. As you came within radio distance to an airport the various frequencies would be available on the standby side of the radio by just turning a knob. With SkyView, the Garmin GTX 200 cannot get that data automatically from the SV GPS I guess because Garmin proprietary policy does not allow it. You can push frequencies manually from SV to the radio, but thats not as quick. The disadvantage is, that to keep the 496 data up to date, is expensive, the SV nav data updates are free.

So this post is to talk about flying VOR radials without the need for a nav radio. Quite useful if you want to file a flight plan flying the airways rather than going GPS direct. Flying the airways in cases where you are going over hostile territory makes sense. You would be easier to find if they had to come looking for you and you probably would have better com and radar coverage. We had one experience coming west from eastern Washington, GPS direct, where we could not be seen on radar for flight following until we were half way across the mountains. In those situations having filed a flight plan might be a life saver.

To fly a VOR radial with SV only requires that you establish an OBS course line to a VOR. The VORs are in the data base and one way of getting one is using NEAREST function, selecting the VOR tab and scrolling down to find the one you want. Press and hold the D-> button for 2 seconds and presto, there will be a magenta line from the VOR. That line can then be swung to any radial using the left joystick (CRS) knob.

In this screenshot, ready to depart runway 20 with an OBS line from the SEA VORTAC already established and set to radial 240/060, and the HDG bug set for an intercept.

Then once airborne the autopilot is engaged to fly the intercept HDG and ALT HOLD, NAV is armed.

Here the ship has turned onto the 060 heading to the VOR, nice.

You can do exactly the same thing with the D-180 panel. There is a procedure within the X96 GPS for setting up an OBS course line to a VOR or other navigation fix and setting it to any radial.

Comments on RV-12 flying welcome. This is intended to be a fun learning thread with comments by anyone who loves learning their RV-12 capabilites.
RV-12 #202 -- Flying

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