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Default Alodine process outsource.. Why?

Alodine is about as easy as it gets, but really its primary function is a conversion coating for better topcoat adhesion. The acid etch process is an alternative to mechanical etch, IE Scotchbrite or similar. Ultimately, the most susceptible parts of our planes are the extrusions not able to take advantage of Alclad which is simply stated a pure aluminum, relatively non-corrosive layer applied to the sheet alloys. Alodine can be applied via cheesecloth/cotton rag wipe on, spray or submersion. Takes only a few minutes, and a good water rinse to be completed. A large plastic bag with a few ounces in it can be used to slosh around small pieces and such. All of my skins were alodined using cheese cloth an rubber gloves..we do it every day in the big jet overhaul world. There are even Alodine marker pens, similar to a big fat dry-erase that you can apply it with and no rinse is required. The skin edges, holes, and any extruded parts are the most important area of primer application while building if you want protection for eternity..that's where the corrosion will start.
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