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Default Huh?

Originally Posted by Jackm View Post
Bryan, Dawn,
Great report....awesome pictures.....Dawn looks very happy as usual...lots detail as usual from Bryan. We need to send you some wine or something along those lines to get invited along next time I still amazed you didn't end up in Aleutian islands considering most of your navigation is done with the 650
For all who don't know Bryan/Dawn .....I will testify these are some of the finest people you will ever meet....and they just happen to have built and fly a RV10!
I did invite you, you moron. I figured that when I didn't hear back from you that you were too good for us so we went alone. Of course, you might not have gotten into ORS Thursday without that instrument ticket. Might have done it scud running or from the south but it was pretty solid overcast over the northern Cascades and the cirrus was close to the granitus below. Let us know when you have free weekends as I suspect your schedule is busier than ours. You guys - and the kids - would have a ball.
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