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Default Netherlands: Texel Fly-Inn Cinema

This weekend we had a fly-inn at the island of Texel. The first Fly-Inn Cinema at Texel Airport! The most friendly green airport in Europe and always sunny (according Ed the airport chief).
Arrived saturday with my son in the RV-12. My wife and daughter took the car. After a perfect day at the beach we went back to the airport and taxied the plane to the screen. After sunset and the American buffet at the airport restaurant the movie started at 22.15LT. TOP GUN! ;-)
Perfect sound with the wireless headsets.
My wife and daughter occupied the RV-12. I had to sit outside (time to build a RV-10?), anyway the beer stayed cold. Camped next to the RV-12. Perfect weekend!
Special thanks to Ed and Mike de Bruijn for their hospitality and the perfect organization of this event.

BTW the blue aircraft D-IBFW is a Messerschmitt 108 Taifun with an Argus V8 240Hp. Built in 1937!



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