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Default RV-8 Cutaway Proposal

RV Cutaway Enthusiasts,

Clear prop! Uhhh, I mean...clear drafting board!! Thanks for your interest in my cutaway illustrations. It appears, by your posts, that there may be enough interest in the RV to warrant a project. A project such as this involves the following:

Research (approximately 50 hours including travel)

Access to engineering plans and actual RV’s. I have already contacted Vans' Aircraft who have given me a thumbs up "go", and they are willing to provide access to plans. I’m confident there are enough RVs in the Portland area for final close-up access to a finished plane(s).

Hand created draft (about 200 hours)

Pencil the detailed draft. This is the phase that makes my art unique. I do this phase by hand because it adds a unique perspective and fine art quality—like Leonardo DaVinci. Also because it's more like building the real plane, which is essentially what I must do to create these images.

Final details and painting (about 100 hours)

Load the draft into the computer for completion and painting.

Send to the Printer.

My proposal is to illustrate the -8 because most posts are expressing interest in that model.

So here’s the clincher: To commit to this project, will require:

1. Cold start priming in the form of at least 300 orders—with a 50% retainer up front.

2. I will bill the retainer through PayPal once the required number of orders is reached.

3. Once all retainers have been received, I will schedule in the project, which will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

If the retainer is met by February 14, the project could be done by Sun & Fun '09.

Available prints and pricing:

18" X 24" on archival paper............................................. ...$45.00 +S/H**

24" X 36" on archival paper............................................. ...$65.00 +S/H**

Fine-art 24" X 36" limited edition of 100 *giclee prints..........$200.00 + S/H**

Custom prints: an exclusive cutaway of your personal aircraft with your paint scheme and specific details. By quote only, the price will be determined by the complexity of paint scheme and level of detail desired. A 50% deposit will be required on these special projects to secure a position in the queue. They will be scheduled in the order received after completion of the original model 8. Custom cutaways generally range between $500 - $1500. I have done some of these works for Pitts Model 12 customers and they have been extremely pleased with the final result.

*a giclee is digital print that is the highest quality reproduction available. These are fine-art prints produced on museum quality acid-free paper using non-fading special inks. When framed properly, these prints have non-fading life expectancy of 100 years. These must be printed one at a time at ultra-high resolution for maximum detail. They take about 1 hour each to print and are dazzling.

**Shipping and handling includes actual shipping charge and packing tube. Within the US this is $15.00. Overseas rates vary. (Inquire for rates)

Artwork is always copywrited with all rights retained by TJTechArt, Inc.

I look forward to starting this exciting project.

Tom Johnson
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