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SarahC 01-01-2018 01:19 AM

Hug the ones you love
In a bit of a sad mood today. Part of the joy of building a plane is joining the builders community and meeting new people. But it means loosing them too. Sadly we had a double fatality at noon on New Years Day when a RV7 crashed. Pilot was a great guy, saved lives in his day job. His 7 was beautifully built. So everyone take care this year, and all you old-uns keep kicking around as long as you can so us young-uns can keep pestering you. Here's to the memory of those gone to the great blue skies in the past year.

SarahC 01-01-2018 02:12 AM

Since media have now released names and next of kin now notified.
The pilot was Dean Voelkerling, a member of VAF, user name Vonsmallhousen. He was flying ZK-DVS, a beautifully built and finished RV7.
Dean was a pilot and paramedic for the NZ Northland Rescue helicopter, helped save many lives in his time with them.
Thoughts and prayers to the familys.

scottwalsh 01-01-2018 03:03 AM

A sad start to the year, saw the news this afternoon.

rv8ch 01-01-2018 04:01 AM

terrible news
My heartfelt condolences to Dean's and his passenger's family and friends.

bugsy63 01-01-2018 04:37 AM

Hug the ones you love
This is very sad news. Dean had many strings to his bow and was the catalyst for me building my RV9A.

I flew with Dean in the Solomon Islands and quickly learned of his skill and judgment as an IFR amd NVG rated EMS helicopter pilot. He was also a qualified paramedic and an experienced helicopter winch operator and crewman.

The loss to his family and to the New Zealand EMS community is enormous. His warmth, friendship and professionalism will be missed by many as will the tears that will be shed.

Rest in peace Dean.

BillL 01-01-2018 06:03 AM

Saddened to hear . . .
Very sad to hear this news. My son visited NZ last year and Dean was so kind to meet with him and give him an RV7 ride around the tip of the north island. He was a gracious international ambassador to take time and fly with an complete stranger.

Condolences for his family, many, many friends, and co-workers.

Bill Lane

Robert Lane

scrollF4 01-01-2018 06:21 AM

The prayer light is switched on bright/flash here in Texas. Prayers for the family.

Christer 01-01-2018 06:37 AM

Very sad news
I have spoken with and knew Dean as a customer of SteinAir for several years. This is very sad news. I extend my condolences to his family, he will be missed.

bret 01-01-2018 08:24 AM

This is so sad on so many levels, prayers to the family of these two.

Ironflight 01-01-2018 10:14 AM

Copied from Mike Newell's post on another thread:

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