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GLPalinkas 07-09-2014 12:05 PM

Sebring Breakfast during Summer
Sebring July 9, 2014

We had about 12 RV's in attendance at Wednesdays RV breakfast as most of the crowd is up North.

Dave Cook and I made the trip from Venice, my first in several months because I was tending to my ailing mother in Ohio. It was a last minute decision to go for Sebring so I wasn’t able to round up our entire gang.

Dan and Judy Duran were there in their beautiful RV-7 (N217DJ - Red/Whi/Blue w stars on the tail). I wish I had taken more shots of the group but by the time I was done outside, my food was ready. Of course, the crowd dispersed quickly after eating.

Of course, we missed Turbo and the entire "Up North Gang" :D

Also on board … I ran into a group sitting outside and noticed the VAF hat. Struck up a conversation and here is what I learned….

On holiday from the Netherlands (who drove from somewhere in central Florida…. he told me but I forgot)

Henkjan van der Zouw (Henkjan is wearing his VAF cap.)

Henkjan is an RV-6 Owner (previously owned by Alex De Dominicis in Texas) and is building an RV-10 (PH-2ME reserved).

To his left are his daughter, Nikki and wife Rolenda.
Across the table are friends Thom and Marjo, also from the Netherlands

Welcome and we hope you have a great vacation.

Skykingbob 07-09-2014 12:44 PM

Hey Gary....thanks for the nice photo callage.....wish i could have been there instead of working in the office:(. Glad you remembered how to get there and back:)

GLPalinkas 07-09-2014 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by Skykingbob (Post 895994)
Hey Gary....thanks for the nice photo callage.....wish i could have been there instead of working in the office:(. Glad you remembered how to get there and back:)

Hey, you were first on my pax list. Maybe your the only one who will fly with me. :D

VETE76 07-10-2014 11:05 AM

you guys are having all the fun! literally! up here in NY most airports do not have a restaurant on grounds. getting 2 rv's to fly together is considered a major air show event attended by 3 people! lol. from oct 2013 to jan 8th 2014, while in Venice Fl, I HAD to fly 60 hrs, why?, because I could. Took off Jan 8th and landed 6 hrs later in Syracuse. as of yesterday I have flown only 13 hrs!! that sucks!! NY weather sucks too! When you go out flying around here you almost never encounter another RV. just the typical Pipers and Cessna's. and u no how we all try to get along. 2 weeks ago i went to an open house across NY state because they announced all kinds of static displays. aircraft, (one biplane)
gliders (2).
fire department, at least they bought all 3 of their fire trucks.
2- state troopers 1-motorcycle state trooper. i live here and never saw a motorcycle NYS Trooper.
1-oversized ultralight. There wasn't any food, no beverages of any kind except the bathroom sink. I saw everything in 2 minutes. Luckily I had also planed a second stop that said pancake bkfst. I had my uncle, MR Doolittle! yep, related to the big G. But we got a call that a friend of mine was attempting his second test flight of his Soneri. 1st time he lost eng on T/O. so we headed back but he didn't do the second attempt. winds too strong. so we ate our late bkfst there. marginal at best. we were the only people in the restaurant. And, oh yeah< gas is $5.95-$7+ (thats gas for the plane not from the food)

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