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dreed 11-01-2019 10:50 PM

Awesome - in its natural home. Looks great!

scsmith 11-02-2019 10:58 AM


It was just about 8 months ago (march I think) that I visited and you thought a hangar move was imminent. I think you will find it a mixed bag. Your work is more efficient because you have more space, and it takes some focused effort to go to the hangar (although you are so close it almost doesn't matter), but you can't just walk out to the shop and putter for a few minutes in an evening, head-scratch the next challenge, etc. Net I think it is a plus, because it focuses your work.

wjb 11-03-2019 09:33 AM

Thanks Steve! Happy to finally be at the airport. I hoping for < 6 months to completion. It will be a workflow transition for sure. I won't have all the resources, like running water. It will take some time to settle in.

Come and visit any time!

wjb 01-29-2020 08:32 PM

I grew wings!
In the dark and cold of California winter nights, we found this bird has grew some wings. Close tolerance bolts are in; no going back now! Thanks to fellow RV-7 driver Pat to help with the wrangling and wiggling to get the bolts in. A little bit of persuasion from the rivet gun to get the bolts home, and now WE GOT WINGS!

Also ... free to a good home: rolling wing stand, lightly used (often on Sundays, after Church)

wjb 03-29-2020 07:31 PM

First engine start!
Finally the fateful has arrived to see if all this assembly of airplane parts actually can actually make airplane noises.

I went through all the pre-oiling procedures discussed here on VAF and in the Lyc docs, tested for good oil pressure, fuel pressure, fuel flow, the whole nine yards. All good.

Towed the plane to the nearest pad that had a pad-eye, tied her down, hooked up a car-sized battery in lieu the little Odyssey - in case there were lots of cranking involved

Turns out that the external battery was soft and it had a hard time turning the engine over with the plugs in. However, it only took one blade to start once it got around and then we're off the the races!

Obligatory evidence:

Only significant issue is that the CHT2 reads about 10% below the rest, but tracks well the other 3 well. No CHTs on this run above 275 F. EGTs track tightly.

And, I found that the Andair fuel pump is a noisy beast when the pressure comes up. It purrs like a kitten with no load during fuel flow testing, but it's quite noisy when pressure comes up. You can clearly hear it in the video prior to the start. Anyone else have this experience.

First flight getting closer!

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