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Ron B. 10-27-2018 12:23 PM

Voltage regulator plug
Anyone have trouble getting the black voltage regulator plug to lock into position with the locking tabs on the sides holding. The plug seems secure but not by the plastic tabs on the sides but rather by the individual connectors inside.
Thanks Ron

lr172 10-27-2018 01:43 PM

Most aftermarket VR's don't have a block for the tang to engage with. The plug uses standard .250" quick disconnect spades and their tension will hold on just fine without the plastic shell being secured.


Piper J3 10-27-2018 02:49 PM

You can remove the plastic shell and just clip the spade lugs onto the VR terminals. Pic below is John Deere AM101406 which has slightly different wiring scheme so plastic shell not used. I've been running this setup for 300 hours with no problems...

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