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Brunop 01-02-2011 01:49 PM

Painting issue
This is the (poor) result of my 1st experiments in painting the interior... any idea of what might have gone wrong? I've never had any issues with primer (solvent-based by PPG).

Wasn't able to find similar discussions in previous threads. Thanks in advance,


Mike S 01-02-2011 01:53 PM

Looks like--
Either surface contamination, or water in the air line.

Brunop 01-02-2011 02:31 PM

Thanks a lot Mike. I've tried degreasing and the result was the same, perhaps water... I'll look for a better water line filter and give it another try. Thanks again. Bruno.

swisseagle 01-02-2011 03:04 PM

Same happend to me!
Hello Bruno

I had in the beginning the same ... I was using a syringe to mesure the amount of paint, harder and thinner. So it was a syringe with a rubber tip, instead one without. The rubber had a silicone grease on it!!!

It took me a while until I find out, I was re-mixing paint .. the same result, re-degreesing the parts .. with the same result, cleaning the lines and connectors ... and so on. But finally I got it.

Regards, Dominik

Brunop 01-02-2011 04:37 PM

Thanks Scott! To be honest, I didn't clean the surface after priming (thought it wasn't required). Just used the degreaser before 2nd trial with samerresults. I'll take your recommendation and ask my local supplier (Brazil) for the best available alternative. Regarding Q2, I'm using a oil lubbed compressor... Will get a Motor Guard filter in my next trip to the US. By the way - thanks for letting me know I'm dealing with "fish eyes" - much easier to look for the solution when you know the issue!

Dominik, I think you might have nailed it! I used the syringe - many times by the way... I had to fill it 12 times overall for the correct measure. Will give it ASAP! Would never think of this by myself!

Thanks again,


fl-mike 01-02-2011 05:59 PM

Also, don't use any rags or towels that have been exposed to fabric softener.

Nehi 01-02-2011 11:43 PM

!! maybe contaminated paint ??
I had the same problem with fish-eye, after using an epoxy primer I sprayed the lower half of my fuselage with white ppg desothane, to my horror I had up to a dozen spots in a square inch- dumb me I didnt stop at first notice but continued with my three coats, it looked terrible. I cleaned my air filter, used a differant hose, carried any oils and silicone products out of my shop, sanded the paint and started over,second time same results- now Im sick ! I called my supplier and the rep from ppg.This is not my first rodio as Ive painted a dozen vehicles over the last twenty years with good results ! I concluded it was the paint because during the drying time I painted other parts in red with good results. The rep also admitted it could be the paint and sent me another gallon with which I had good results. All this to say it may happen. If you prep and prepare properly and still have bad results contact your rep before you pull out your hair !! Good luck !

Brunop 01-03-2011 06:37 PM

Mike - thanks - I'll make sure to use new cotton towels only until things start going well. As a matter of fact, your suggestion raised a "red flag" since I was degreasing with some reusable wipe (which might very well contain polyester)... who knows that's the issue!

Nevin - thanks for sharing - I'll keep that in mind, it is most probably my fault by now, but I'm concerned about some issue in the "repackaging" process since I'm buying small ammounts.

Great troubleshooting list! Planning to spray this weekend, will let you guys know! Thanks!

Jeff kudlo 01-04-2011 12:38 PM

Fish Eye
I had similar results in areas where the paint accumulated heavy on the first coat. I used Sherwin Williams Jet Flex and found applying a dust coat then blown dry followed immediately by a wet coat eliminated the fish eye and orange peel.
All The Best.
Jeff Kudlo

JonJay 01-04-2011 12:46 PM

DX330 is a great product but very expensive

Originally Posted by Scott Chastain (Post 499778)

Then use a name-brand solvent for the oil-based contaminants. I used PPG DX330 throughout the painting process with no issues to speak of.

I used to use it but found Kleen Strip Prep-All to be a very good wax and grease remover. It is cheap and a gallon will last you a long, long time. I get the same results as DX 330 and have had no compatability issues with PPG products.

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