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dpansier 07-21-2007 05:43 PM

OSH 2007 (35 ship formation part I)
I believe a large RV formation is planned to arrive at Oshkosh on Sunday, does any know the ETA?

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JohnR 07-21-2007 07:30 PM

According to Bob Collins "Coming up: the 35-ship RV formation (I believe it's known as Falcon Flight) is due in at 2 p.m. on Sunday. "

Rosie 07-21-2007 08:44 PM

We practiced the all-up 35 ship formation today (Saturday) at SQI and will again in the morning with an OSH, 2pm Sunday arrival. See you there! :D Rosie

arffguy 07-21-2007 11:03 PM

Audio feed-will it be up this week?
I hope the person that runs this audio feed gets the KOSH audio back up.

Scroll down, look for KOSH.

dpansier 07-22-2007 05:19 AM

RV formation at OSH
Thanks for the info, don't want to miss this.


Radomir 07-28-2007 05:28 PM

OSH 2007 (35 ship formation)
Some photos from SQI and OSH:


dan 07-28-2007 06:15 PM

Here are some more albums from from Hog & also Pat Dulaney:

Diagram of the Formations:

Class Photo from SQI:

robertahegy 07-28-2007 06:47 PM

Great Job!!! You pilots were Absolutely AWESOME!!! Really enjoyed the formations. Made us very proud to be RVers.


Ron Lee 07-28-2007 09:25 PM

USAF Thunderbird quality formations
Excellent flying guys.

groucho 07-28-2007 11:38 PM

Awesome job everyone! Wish I could have been there...

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