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David Paule 03-30-2017 05:39 PM

Better than expected response from McMaster
I had an issue with one item on an order that came today from Something was damaged in a way that I couldn't use it, but most of the item was fine, and the good portion was more than large enough for them to restock it, although not in the original size.

I called them up.

The person who picked up the phone was able to give me a credit and send me another. No phone menu, no waiting.

They refused my offer to return the item, saying they'd prefer that I found a use for the remaining portion. This I can do. They didn't ask for a photo.

Since the item was somewhat pricey, this considerably exceeded my expectation.

Bottom line: top score for McMaster. They done well.


catmandu 03-30-2017 06:45 PM

I am somewhat amazed that reason is being used at some companies these days. My son had the same situation with a relatively nice pair of hiking pants from a recognized outfitter. He ordered 32x30, they sent 30x32 (oh, too be young again). When he called about doing a swap, they said "we'll send the correct item to you no charge, just donate the wrong item to charity." Nice! :)

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