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Drippy 06-25-2018 12:11 PM

bi-fold door repair
OK this isn't an RV10 question but I was wondering if anyone has replaced a cable on a bi-fold hangar door. I am in a rented hangar and one of the 3 braided steel wires is fraying and looks like it will be going soon. It looks to be as simple as replacing it and making sure to get the length right so it is balanced with the other two lift locations but figured I should ask.

Thanks up front

ppilotmike 06-25-2018 12:42 PM


If you're in a rented hangar, I think you should have the Owner fix it before it potentially becomes your problem (i.e. falls on your plane, you or your guests). If you try to do it yourself and it fails, you are on the hook; especially if you did the repairs without the knowledge/permission of the Owner.

Drippy 06-25-2018 06:14 PM


Yes the owner asked me to make the repair but you make a good point.


Jpm757 06-26-2018 10:13 AM

I agree the owner should be responsible for the repair. But if for some reason you wind up having to do the fix then it is pretty straightforward. I would replace ALL cables while you are at it. Place cinder blocks on the floor under each cable and lower door until cables are slack. Replace one at a time and adjust tension evenly.

Nukeflyboy 06-30-2018 05:49 PM

Bi-fold repair
Cable replacement is easy. Call the mfg and they will help with what you need to order. Measure the cable lengths and door height before you call and have the serial number ready.

Drippy 07-06-2018 03:01 PM

Thanks for the cinder block suggestion.

Repair complete as you stated pretty easy. Worst part was we were having our annual heat wave here in Vermont and working in a closed up hanger at 100F wasn't a lot of fun for a guy who still hasn't lost all of his winter insulation:-).

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