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Patrick14 03-01-2018 03:23 AM

UL Power 520
Good morning,

does anybody hve experience with the UL Power 520i/is/isa on a RV7-A?

The engine looks interesting to me as they guarantee the use of automotive fuel with up to 15% Ethanol. I visited their factory in Brügge last year. They received me with open arms, showed me their professional production line for all alluminum parts, explained the history, showed me the inverted oil solution and so on.

My present concerns are:
a) not yet proven to proposed TBO
b) Which propeller for aerobatic use? The engines were initially planned for higher RPM (3000) to get the power and have no oilsupply to adjust the prop. They recommended electric adjustable Airmasters with whirlwind blades.
c) the inital price offer by the german representative for the 6 cylinder ULP 520i was almost double than the standard Lycoming. This is most probably caused by the fact that they are milling almost everything as they had bad experiences with casting.
d) They have a closed software FADEC/ECU not allowing to be adjusted/fine tuned by the owner.
e) aerobatic use. The earlier manuals stated that they require an in house inspection after 25 flight hours on aerobatics. The spoken word was that this is not necessary any more "as long as you have a good watch on the oil pressure.."

Does anyone in this forum fly or did fly this engine or have a real "hands on" experience and could share this?

Thank you

azflyer21 03-01-2018 06:48 AM

I installed a UL350is in my previous build and I had very excellent results. The engine performed flawlessly from first start. No adjustments were ever needed. Any calls for support etc were answered promptly and parts are readily available. If the engine wasn't so light, I would consider installing the UL in my -14.

smokyray 03-01-2018 07:37 AM

Thunder Down Under...
Besides RV's my second favorite experimental in the Sonerai. Mine was VW powered but several have the UL-260 installed in New Zealand by Richmond Racing. They posted detailed engine performance numbers and comparison costs of ownership over 500 hours vs the Jabiru 2200 and venerable VW. The UL was considerably more expensive across the board initially, but was a much more modern and reliable powerplant over time.
Like anything, the more they build and put into use, the more reliable they become and the cost goes down. Unfortunately, in sport aircraft, those numbers are much smaller than in autos, boats or motorcycles.

I would love to have one in my Sonerai or a very light RV3 or Panther but the engine cost is three times the airframe...

UL260 Sonerai outrunning a turbo Suzuki T-51. Quiet and smooth....

Mike S 03-01-2018 07:47 AM

Take a look at this thread.

No recent updates, hope that doesn't mean the project has run into problems:confused:

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