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bkervaski 11-14-2017 01:00 PM

Pg 47-14; Stainless Pin
Trying to cut threads into the stainless pins per the plans. I can't get more than about 1/4 inch done before the pin just starts turning in the vise, no matter how much pressure I put on it. The threads that I am cutting are clean.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, it seems like it shouldn't be this hard. Using WD-40 for lube and going very slow. New die, Irwin brand, probably not the best.

Any advice?

rvbuilder2002 11-14-2017 01:07 PM

WD-40 is not a very good lubricant (and not what it was designed for though people use it for that)

You will do better with just plain motor oil.

Ron B. 11-14-2017 02:23 PM

I do not recall any problem tapping. I used Rapid tap and a good die. Rather than buying a can, try a local shop and see if you can steel a few drops. It really makes a difference.

snoop9erdog 11-14-2017 02:25 PM

Scott is right. WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is a solvent

asw20c 11-14-2017 02:29 PM

WD=water dispersant. It was originally developed for the missiles nuclear weapons ride on if I remember correctly.

bkervaski 11-14-2017 02:36 PM

Thanks, all! Got some suitable lube now and a nicer tap and die set coming, I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how I fare. :)

BobTurner 11-14-2017 03:52 PM

Just checking, you are using proper technique? E.g., cut some new thread, then back off until you feel the metal break off, then forward again.... There’s no reason the second 1/4” should be different from the first - unless you’re not going straight.

bkervaski 11-14-2017 03:58 PM

@BobTurner I think I may have damaged the cheap die .. it won't even start now. I have a nicer set coming tomorrow from Amazon with some appropriate oil.

BillL 11-15-2017 06:53 AM

I got some stainless all thread rod from Grainger, but I went with safety wire in the end. I could not get that rod to thread. As a rolled thread, it is really strong.

EXflyer 11-16-2017 01:01 PM

I always use Hanson taps and dies along with there drill bits. When I was building my RV3 I ordered the bits in by the package, mostly short length as there was less deflection. Larger ones just enough to get by. Was an aircraft mechanic starting my working life and ended up a heavy duty mechanic. Two things I learned real quick, one use the best drill bits, taps and dies you can get and the second, Snap On is your friend when abusing tools.

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