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cook_ts 11-04-2018 10:47 AM

Aft Fuse Access & loading- RV-7A
I am at a point the I need to crawl into the aft fuse to do a variety of misc tasks (including some of the upper skin riveting). Currently the fuse is 'right side up' & supported on the spar and at the tail. So a couple questions:

1- In the configuration, can the fuse support the weight of a 180lb person?

2- Recommendations on what to put in the bottom of the fuse (distributing between the skins and frames)

If needed, I can also support at the aft baggage compartment frame (with obviously significantly less load if that's not need, I'd prefer not to.


wirejock 11-04-2018 12:07 PM

I weigh more. :eek:
I placed a padded saw horse at each bulkhead and installed the gear legs with 4x4 blocks drilled to fit and used as tires or feet. I made deck supports from 1x 8 then cut up the crate top into two long pieces to fit inside as a deck to lay on. The slick surface of the crate plywood makes a nice deck. Added a pillow and it was pretty cozy. Sweetie drove and I bucked. Use ear protection. It's really loud in there.
I might even consider it the upgraded dog house next time I get in trouble. :D

cook_ts 11-05-2018 12:52 AM

Thanks Larry,
Trying to stay out of the doghouse...

tgmillso 11-05-2018 03:00 AM

Here's another option.
I had the fuselage supported in the standard rolling fuselage cradle, with the main support under the mainspar and the aft support under the second last bulkhead. The bottom of the fuselage was filled with slabs of (approx) 4" thick polystyrene foam that is used in cool room construction (amongst other things) then I cut to shape one of the crate lids that the kit came packaged in. The foam is just thick enough so that the plywood deck cleared the bulkheads. I'm 160lb and it worked fine. I don't think this setup would argue if it had another 20lb or so on it. The main thing is make sure you make yourself a false floor for the baggage area, as this doesn't appear overly robust so you may ding it getting in and out of the rear cone.

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