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Stockmanreef 05-14-2018 02:22 PM

distance between wheels
Anyone know the distance between the wheels after install? I would like to know if I can get it in the trailer I used to transport wings. I would like to get as much work as possible done at the house, including hanging the engine thru finishing the cowling. It will be much harder, if I have to find an different trailer to move.


bkervaski 05-14-2018 02:29 PM

I can measure for you tomorrow but any flatbed without wheel wells should work.

This one was a bit long, it was just what a local guy had available:

Also, a number of folks have had a flat-bed tow truck do the move.

control 05-14-2018 02:48 PM

Between the wheel fairing attachments (but without the wheel pants) I measured 244 cm that is just over 96 inches.

Bavafa 05-14-2018 03:26 PM

For a 14A, it is short of 8', more like 7' and 8"

I was measuring it for the exact same reason, trailer but I have lots more to do before getting there. Heck, I even don't have engine, prop or avionics yet :confused:

Stockmanreef 05-14-2018 05:40 PM

Thanks for the measurements. the airport is 25 miles away, so I have to figure out how much I can assembly at house before moving. Ideally as much as possible. I would like to put on the engine, which requires the gear to be on, so I need to plan now.

sglynn 05-14-2018 05:54 PM

7 feet
I'm doing the same thing on an RV-7A and the gear are 7 feet apart. So as said earlier a flat trailer without wheel wells should work. Maybe even a U=Haul car trailer. I'm taking 3 pieces from house to garage. Fully built fuselage and 2 wings.

Stockmanreef 05-14-2018 06:34 PM

Considering the distance to airport and the amount of work to be done after hanging the engine, I will have to figure something out.

The trailer I have access to is 7' 6" wide. So I have a couple of questions.

1. how hard would it be to put the gear on after mounting the engine? I local guy did this with a -10. Like put on the nose gear and support the rest of the plane with 2 by 4s or 2 by 6 via the spar bulkheads.

2. Can I put on the main gear and not the wheels and transport that way? The plane should fit in the trailer this way without the wheels. no idea how to put the wheels on later.

3. suck it up and find a flatbed wide enough to fit the plane with gear on.

Any ideas?


MED 05-15-2018 05:54 AM

I have not moved my plane, yet, and not to sound snarky, but I vote #3. I think it would be very difficult to install the gear after the engine and would be very risky to try to move the plane without wheels. :eek:

My plan is to hire a tow company with a tilt bed car hauler. Just winch the plane on and secure. I will haul the wings in their wing stand inside of an enclosed trailer - a friend's motorcycle trailer.

bkervaski 05-15-2018 06:23 AM

From experience (our airport is about 30 miles away) build until there isn't anything left to do at your house.

It's exciting to have it at the hangar but like others say work slows down considerably. We get up early every day and go spend a few hours at the hangar then off to regular work.

There is still a lot to do during final assembly and rigging and you'll regret not taking care of the little things at your house where you can spend 10 minutes on something because it's just downstairs in the garage.

Seriously, do everything until you simply can't do any more.

We *mostly* followed that advice and it's paying off.

Edit: Also, consider the hangar probably doesn't have air conditioning or heat .. we have been good until about noon here and then it's no longer fun (Alabama).

Edit (2): it would be worth finding another trailer if you can get more done at your house, others have mentioned flat bed tow trucks do the trick and I've seen plenty of pictures to confirm.

control 05-15-2018 08:28 AM

Another vote for nr.3

Just the work on the gear leg fairings alone is in my view motivation enough for mounting the gear at home.

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