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rgmiller1974 09-06-2018 09:05 PM

Finishing the F-862-1 and F-835-1 Parts
Quick question for everyone: At what point does one actually finish the F-862-1 Rear Baggage Bulkhead and F-835-1 Rear Baggage Shelf? I'm at the point where the wings are attached and I'm working on the tank attach brackets and I realized these two parts are basically sitting around unfinished.

The only mention of the F-835-1 Rear Baggage Shelf in my manual is in the "Seat Floors" section where it says to cleco the part in place. After that, nothing. It clearly needs nutplates riveted on, but there's nothing in the construction manual about it.

It's a similar situation for the F-862-1 Rear Baggage Bulkhead. It's also mentioned in the "Seat Floors" section but all it says is to cleco the F-862B-1 attach plates and then drill the holes. After that, the parts aren't referenced in the construction manual. Nothing about deburring the edges, riveting the brackets or priming the parts.

I think all the necessary details are shown on the construction drawings, so I know what needs to be done. I'm just surprised that the rest of the steps aren't explicitly mentioned. Am I missing something obvious in the manual?

Thanks Everyone,

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