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Freakshow108 04-11-2019 04:42 PM

Closing wings
I have done a ton of research and cannot get a clear answer. Iím so so with electrical. My question is what all should be in the wings before closing?

My plans are:
This is what I have already done:

Heated pitot tube is installed with tubes ran to root.
Controller for pitot tube mounted on rib.
Ribs are drilled and grommets installed.
Garmin roll servo is installed.

Iím curious as well on what pair wire to run for servo, I know that it needs to be shielded and installation instructions give the AWG but Iím not clear on the number of wires required. Any help would be much appreciated.

sglynn 04-11-2019 04:50 PM

wings inside
Before closing the wings You might want to also:
1. aileron belcranks including calibrating them for level
2. run antenna wire to tip for NAV (VOR) antenna if you are going to use a Nav receiver.
3. Tighten all the tank bolts

I waited till very late in the build to finally close them.

sahrens 04-11-2019 08:31 PM

You didnít mention lighting, so Iíll add wing tip lights and landing/taxi lights. If you are planning on running wiring to the wing tips most folks install some form of conduit. Easier to install additional wiring in the future.

Be sure to try to plan your pitot system plumbing and your wiring connections at the fuselage. If there is a RV near you ask if you can look at their connections and routing. You may find you want your terminations in different locations.

Raymo 04-12-2019 11:54 AM

Run conduit for wiring. Leave a string in the conduit for whatever needs pulled in the future.

Freakshow108 04-16-2019 12:43 PM

Thanks for the replies. Conduit is in so I will pull strings and just pull the wire later. Tank bolts are torqued and bell cranks are in with push rods attached and neutral templates attached. Thanks for the help!

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