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Av8rRob 12-02-2016 05:38 PM

What is a F-4 Raider?
I saw in the home built directory of Kitplanes the F-4 Raider from team rocket aircraft. Anybody know about this plane as the website is severely lacking info?

F1Boss 12-02-2016 06:03 PM

It's basically a 4cyl F1 with the Sport wing. There's a lot more to it than that, and I'm sure Vince will jump in and tell you more about what is happening.

Carry on!

vfrazier 12-05-2016 08:55 AM

Geez... the website is terrible? We're airplane guys, not tech gurus. I thought that we were doing pretty good just getting a website up while trying to build parts to support the existing F1 Rocket fleet and also to build our own F4 Raider. I'll go beat Blake mercilessly until he gets the website in better shape. :rolleyes:

But to answer your question, the F4 Raider is our response to all of the RV guys who wanted a 4 cylinder Rocket. I'd compare it to an RV-8, but with a more comfortable cockpit (no gear towers in the cockpit).

The Raider uses a stock F1 fuselage. Wings and tails can be obtained from the Van's secondhand market or from us once we get them back into production. The 4 cylinder engine mount keeps the prop in the same place as the stock 6 cylinder Rocket and allows the battery and other items to be moved up front to maintain CG. Externally, it will be very difficult to tell whether you are looking at an F1 Rocket or a Raider.

Larry V. put a 4 cylinder on his HRII to prove the concept. He reports good handling, an empty weight of well over 100# less than the stock HRII, and says he is quite pleased.

There is another, an F8, nearing completion here in Indiana, using an RV-8 tail and wings, with an F1 fuselage. And then there's mine, under construction, using an RV-4 tail and wings.

Currently (December 2016) we don't have full kits available. We do have all of the items that you can see on our "terrible" website at and quite a few items that aren't listed there. We don't have a set timeline on kits. We know that isn't cool with the instant gratification crowd, but we're in it for the long haul and refuse to: 1) take money for things we don't have in hand or 2) promise things that can't be delivered on time and on budget.

What that means, is that new F1s and new F4s are being built by guys who who how to build and know how to obtain what is needed from various sources, including us. We are assisting, advising, and providing parts as we move forward with these gents.

To reiterate: our #1 priority is to support the existing F1 fleet, #2 assist new starts, and #3 produce more parts with the goal of having full kits again.

To see how a slow-build F1 Rocket or F4 Raider is built, visit

SMO 12-05-2016 09:21 AM works better :D

vfrazier 12-05-2016 10:13 AM

OOPS.... Thanks Mark. I fixed it in my earlier post too.

Also, I just received an email from Larry V. who says:

Here's what my 4cyl. Rocket does and wt. numbers.
Empty wt. reduced 150 lbs. removed the large 35 lb. battery and cable from behind the baggage compartment and installed a PC680 on the firewall/rudder step. The rest of the wt. reduction came from engine, prop, baffling etc.

Cruise speed reduced 4mph from IO-540 to IO-360. Fuel burn reduced 3.8-4 gph. Typical cruise speed at 8500 ft. DA is 208 mph, 2450 rpm, full throttle @ 9.2-9.4 gph. The best cruise altitude I have found is 10,500 or 11,500. Larry V.

Those are very respectable numbers, and are a good reason to consider a Raider if you're considering a tandem, sport, taildragger!

Toobuilder 12-05-2016 01:39 PM

I have a 180 HP engine without a firewall to call home, and I have long considered doing a 4 banger Rocket if the right project comes along.

After spending a bunch of time in both the -8 and the Rocket, I'll say that the ergonomics of the latter are far better. If I was limited to a 4 banger for some reason (thank God I'm not!), then an F-4 would be a clear choice over the -8.

ppilotmike 12-05-2016 01:41 PM

For what it's worth...
... I think your website is fine, Vince.

Raymo 12-06-2016 03:55 AM

I think a Raider will be my next project and will be watching progress.

mburch 12-06-2016 08:16 AM

Next project: F-12 Raider LSA? :)

vfrazier 12-06-2016 03:07 PM

Thanks Mike!!

Matt... you're gonna make my head explode! LOL :D

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