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RV7dreemer 07-09-2018 10:10 PM

Any 7's in the DC area? I'm an aerial hitchhiker!
So I've been poring over the forums, Van's website, and the deepest darkest corners of the interwebs for a few years now, and I'm just about 100% settled on an RV-7. (I don't have the time to build, yet, but plan to buy a flying one next summer and build my own a few years later).

Problem is, I've never actually been IN an RV. I've seen them on the ground, and met a few owners, but things have never worked out to fly in one. I'm planning to go to Oshkosh this year - so I wrote Van's and asked for a test flight. They said "yeah, sure, whatever, you'll have to sign up at the airshow, no guarantees, ok-thanks-bye."

So... Any RV-7 owners in the DC area who feel like taking a newbie up for a "fun flight?" I'm a CFII, so I'd be happy to trade for a BFR or IPC, if you happen to need one...

Thanks in advance!

abuura 08-03-2018 06:41 AM

I have an RV-7 at Manassas. Call me anytime.
David, 703-3078062

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