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Rosie 07-28-2015 07:21 AM

30 Years of the RV-6/6A Design: AirVenture 2016 Celebration!
Yup, CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All, it’s true…I’m your leader for AirVenture's 2016 30th Anniversary Celebration of Van designing the RV-6/6A***... way back in 1986….I was introduced to the RV-6A at Sun ‘n Fun 1995 and started building in the summer, same year. Five (5) years later and about ~3000 hours of labor, on July 4, 2000, Tuppergal and I started flying our Custom-Built RV. Here we are 15 years and 4000+ hours later :D

And we now have 1000’s of friends we’d of never known (and now vacation with year after year) had it not been for the RV…....Condor, Jimmyb, Vicky, Seismo, Red, Kahuna, Scotty, Deb, Jailbird, Redtail, AC, Turbo, Moody Blue, Bun, Keys, Scoot, Cookie, Taco, Belle, BeeGee, Nordo, Shifty, Goose, Cougar, Schoolmom, Sharpie, Dula, KB, Tailwind, Sharkbait, Nasty, Sunblock, Wingnut, Fast Eddy, Nordo, Hog, Speedy, Krash, Shiner, Indy, Falcon, Jarhead, Shadey, Lucky, Ironflight, Moose, Don, Daryl and many, MANY more!!! We consider you all our RV family of friends!!!!!

I was contacted by Ken Scott (Van’s Aircraft) and Charlie Becker (EAA) early this year asking if I might be interested in ‘running-this-to-ground’…..uuuhhhhh….YEAH!!!!!!! But you can't say anything until after AirVenture 2015....Now here we are…only one (1) year to go!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…..if you know me personally, save me the trouble of TELLING you that you are flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016. If you don’t know me, please consider flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016. If you are building an RV-6/6A, it’s time to finish up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s plan on setting the record for the most RV-6/6As ever in attendance! Heck, let’s make it a record for ALL RVs!!!!! There will be some special to-be-named ‘goodies’ given to you for flying your RV-6/6A to AirVenture 2016 in addition to some EAA to-be-named sponsored events honoring Van and the 30th Anniversary of designing the most-built-and-flying model RV!

If you have any ideas of how we can honor Van, Charlie Becker and I would love to hear them!!!!! I’d appreciate all the support I can get to make 2016 the BEST AIRVENTURE EVER for RVers!!!!!!!!! So the planning begins…….

Keep poundin’ them rivets because IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!!!! Paul “Rosie” Rosales

***The -6A is being included in this -6 celebration per Ken & Van :-)



strahler13 07-28-2015 07:29 AM

Number with the social.

turbo 07-28-2015 07:40 AM

you bet ill be there.;) Ed " Turbo" DArcy. see you on the flight line.

See you there Turbo! Rosie

scard 07-28-2015 07:55 AM

Rosie, you don't have time for this. You're supposed to be working on 2017!

Scoot: What do you think.... Caymans-Belize-Roatan-Cozumel...or...Canouan, St. Kitts and St. John (USVI)? :D Rosie
Rosie: Sounds like an easy burger run! Scoot

NYTOM 07-28-2015 08:19 AM

Rosie "The Great Motivator"
Rosie,as one of my biggest motivators with your travel stories and sage advice I think your finally going to push me into the air. My goal is.... If I'm not six feet under by next year I'm going to be at Osh with my newly minted 6A to shake your hand. :D

Vlad 07-28-2015 08:22 AM

Can't wait when they have a similar event with RV9 :D

pierre smith 07-28-2015 08:29 AM

When the first Van's side-by-side airplane came out, it hit it out of the ballpark! We truly loved our 6 but we needed 4 seats.


crpv22 07-28-2015 09:37 AM

Count me in!! In fact, this will be my first trip to Oshkosh! :D

The last time we saw you was at the New Years Day BBQ fly in at Lake Havasu...sad to hear that doesn't happen anymore.:(

I'll also take any information and planning help to make the flight in and out of Oshkosh easier and safer.

thanks Rosie!


DougJ 07-28-2015 09:47 AM

Ohh this sounds great! I went to OSH for the first time last year, and I'm planning to go next year. Mine is a fairly early kit, started in 88/89 and finished in mid 1993 by a gentleman in Alabama.

I'm going unless I'm on another all expenses paid excursion to the Middle East by then... I hope I can be there!


Neal@F14 07-28-2015 09:48 AM

I'm planning on being there.

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