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DRMA 09-21-2017 02:12 PM

Lifting Fuselage To Install Landing Gear?
I'm getting to the point where I need to lift the fuselage to install the landing gear on my RV-10. What methods have people used successfully to safely lift the fuselage and hold it while installing the main and nose gear?

I did a search but didn't find anything on this topic.


Vern 09-21-2017 02:14 PM

DO not lift by the engine!

I made a padded 'H' out of lumber screwed to a 2 x 12 base to hold and stabilize the tail.

Engine hoist to engine mount, or several Bubba friends.

Paddy 09-21-2017 03:37 PM

EAA bench
I was able (with a helper) to lift the completed fuse (without cabin cover attached) onto a standard EAA workbench. From there, you can attach the engine mount and gear easily. I'd highly recommend also completing your wheel pants and fairings at this stage while you're at it, as you'll need to have the gear hanging freely to accomplish the proper alignment. After the wheels are on, one person can pivot the fuse forward onto the nose wheel by lifting the tail, while the bench is removed. The tail will need to be supported, or the engine mount ballasted until the engine is hung, once you're on the gear.

flion 09-21-2017 04:07 PM

Ditto above, except I used padded saw horses. This was done before I attached the tailcone, even. Don't know why anyone would wait until the engine was on to do this.

rleffler 09-21-2017 07:04 PM

The EAA. Each works great. Especially when you attempt to mount the nose gear. Just ease it over the edge to apply additional pressure to compress the hockey pucks.

paul330 09-21-2017 07:50 PM

Without the engine, the fuselage is very light and can be lifted with 2 or 3 people. I simply put it on a couple of trestles. Then lift it off onto its gear with a trestle to support the tail and fit the engine.

With 2 friends, we had the whole thing done easily in a morning. It was one of the highlight milestones in the build.

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