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RugerRV-10 10-10-2017 04:02 PM

Two random questions
1) was going through plans and an op-38 section fell out. No clue where I had it. Brought a question to mind about the timing of optional plans and kits and when to do them. Any list out there for a slow builder. I know the elec aileron trim isn't too crucial for timing but thought I'd ask for the other ones. I plan to order the full plans soon to be able to read ahead and get a much better idea of what I happening after I finish the wing kit.
2) was talking to a friend about being extra careful working with the main spar assemblies. What do one of those bubbas cost? I found a post mentioning the central spar that is part of the fuselage at $1400, but can't find anything on the wing spars here or on the Vans part list.
Thanks all!

catcrew 10-11-2017 08:13 AM

When you buy the full set of plans on the memory stick (why they don't have a secure download location is beyond me) it will include all the optional plans as well. Well worth the 10 + shipping they charge for it. I have made mental notes and a few written notes about certain ones. Such as OP-48 with regards to the AHRS bracket and not to rivet those rivets in the tailcone as I will simply have to remove them later.

As for the price of the spars, No idea. You are correct in the 1400 for the center section. I would be willing to guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 each. The total wing kit is just over 10,000 so half is comprised of the spars. Makes sense to me as the other components are not that expensive. You can look up almost every part except for those using this "list".

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