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Major-Tom 01-30-2019 04:49 AM

RV-12iS #121128 in Germany
Since October 2018 I am working on my RV-12iS. The empennage kit went together very nicely. I absolutely love the engineering quality. Everything is so smart and without compromise. My last/first built was a Savannah-S. Great plane and fun to built, but much more compromises. Many details where just "good enough" for instance the excessive use of rivnuts. (They will fail on you in the most unwelcome time and place). The part I missed most about my Savannah built was the lack of appropriate construction manuals. They are so outdated and wrongly translated to many times, that building is hard for the first time builder. Without the help from the friends from the Australian forum, I would have been lost. But its a great flying plane, that well suited for beginners and very forgiving in all aspects.

The empennage kit was finished after 74 hours (without assembling the tail feathers to fuselage). This seems fast, but may result from my decisions to not prime Alclad parts at this built.

control 01-30-2019 05:38 AM

With your previous experience I am not surprised that you move along quickly :)

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