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Don E 11-06-2017 04:23 PM

Hey, Guys - In the finishing kit, in the bottom of a brown paper bag you will find a bunch of small aluminum washers that look like a whole lotta nothing. Don't lose them; don't even lose one of them. I came up two short and Van's wants $1.50 each for them. This is one of the few times I've been royally pissed with Van's, but that is just nuts. Frankly, I thought when she said $1.50 (they are not in "The List" - you have to call) that must be the price for the 36 of them that you need, total. WRONG!

So don't lose them. I came up two short - they are used around the aft edge of the canopy between the frame and the seal retainer - but I am going to use something else. Just on principal I'm not paying Van's ridiculous price no matter what.

The thing is, be careful when you install them; they are so easy to lose hold of and when they fall, they somehow exit thru the hole in the ozone layer never to be seen again.

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