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christhesav 10-20-2016 05:23 PM

I bought a radio on this forum about a month ago and it never showed up. Of course the guy will not respond to me after I sent him money. Like an idiot I sent money and trusted he would send the radio. I have done this many times in the past with no issues. Does anybody have any suggestions or am I just SOL? Thanks

[ed. E-mail me the person's username (if they have an account) and I will see what I can dig up. Sorry this has happened to you. Due to the size of this forum, we are sometimes the target of scum out to steal your money. If a person doesn't have dozens and dozens of posts over months and months (an established reputation), I would NEVER consider buying a thing from them, but that's just me. I want concrete proof they're building or flying. FWIW, I've bought exactly two (cheap) things in the classifieds in 15 years.....and I've never bought a thing off Craigslist or eBay. I may have trust issues <g>. Someone joining to sell something throws up a hundred red flags for me (maybe not for you). Again, I'm sorry.

It might be a good time to again draw attention to the two stickies at the top of the classified section. v/r,dr]

Bevan 10-20-2016 05:28 PM

Since he/she may be monitoring this forum, I'm sending my ideas via a pm.


Bavafa 10-20-2016 05:35 PM

It is extremely sad when a few bad apple take advantage of others and help destroy the trust for so many others. We far more often see this on Craigslist or other sites. Sorry to hear about your experience.

ssmdive 10-20-2016 06:01 PM

Out him.... If he has done this to you, he might try again. The non-cynical part of me would say there might be an honest reason he has gone silent, maybe he had a car accident or other family emergency.

But there is very little downside to telling everyone his name.
1. He might suddenly follow through due to pressure
2. Someone migh avoid the same issue later

N363RV 10-20-2016 06:31 PM

I agree... name the user..
I agree. Please post the user and the name and telephone number this guy maybe one of us doesn't get hit.

I generally like to chat with someone on the phone before I buy... or sell some thing to some one. I just sold some radios on Barnstormers and I was nervous about getting ripped off too. I talked to the guy on the phone and got some background...enough to figure out he was really a pilot and some particulars to identify his location. Finally I asked to see his drivers license. You can do this sort of thing using skype or apples facetime.

I hate to hear about this sort of crime. If doug finds some appropriate info, you might share it with the FBI too.

Its getting to the place you just about have to use a broker to do a small deal anymore. :-(

flyboy1963 10-20-2016 07:11 PM

what are the best options?
I am not a real experienced online buyer, but perhaps someone could suggest some better options.
I like talking on the phone, but a good scammer selling a $6,000 GNS 430 or something might be pretty smooth.

I've had folks on the classifieds here say they didn't want to use PayPal unless I covered the fee, but heck, once you are up over a hundred bucks or so, what's $3 to protect yourself? ( correct me if I'm wrong here).

if you say you are going to be in their city next month, and can drop by and pick it up, what's the response?
Last time I did that, the seller bought my whole family lunch! ( thanks Bevan!) :)
fact is, we are now a big community, lots of spam drivers troll here hourly just for the classifieds, and stuff is gonna go sideways, regardless...and then there are the real scammers.

moosepileit 10-20-2016 07:41 PM

Google search for the same item being sold multiple places if you are considering buying off a forum.

In the last year a new joiner was selling radios. Found same seller in multiple places from a simple google.

This was a scammer, not an honestly diversified seller.

gasman 10-21-2016 12:13 PM

I purchased an ignition system from down under and got a box of JUNK!!! He is no longer on this site.

On the flip side, I purchased a servo from a member in Florida that sent it before he gave me his Pay-Pal info.

2bolts 10-21-2016 12:28 PM

Life lesson
A life lesson I once learned that I'll take to my grave.

You cannot trust anyone when money is involved, not even 'friends'.

A mate I knew back in England sold his subaru. He made the buyer bring a cashiers check, drove the guy to my mates bank to make sure the check cleared, then and only then, gave the buyer the keys.

A good example in my opinion.
It is much safer to assume that someone is a conman, or scam artist.

rolivi 10-21-2016 12:54 PM

Fortunately I've had excellent purchase transactions on this forum. I hope those who have purchased from me have been similarly happy. :)

There are other threads about scam detection techniques but DR indicated the most import first data points: Join Date and Number of Posts.

Joined this week, 1 post, selling a GNS530W with tray, connectors, and antenna for $7000? RUN AWAY!

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