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RFSchaller 04-03-2019 10:04 PM

Torque Values
I noticed a small oil weep from the crankcase drain plug forward of the oil return line connection during my annual. The parts catalogue used to have all the torque values, but doesnít seem to have them anymore. The Line and Heavy Maintenance manuals donít have anything on the plug torque. I put reasonable force on the wrench and it didnít budge. Any ideas on where to find a torque value?

Azjulian 04-04-2019 07:42 AM

Hey Rich - I sent you a link for a legacy rotax manual, which has a diagram of the fittings and if Iím correct in the fitting you mention it has a torque of 26 ft lbs and loctite 243.

Have you tried putting an impact wrench on it ? When overhauling car engines I always found that worked better on stuck bolts that straight wrenching

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