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BruceEicher 06-09-2018 12:25 PM

Aeronautical Engineer/Aircraft Designer Ken Krueger is installing his new legs on my plane as I write this today. Made of aluminum, airfoil shaped to match profile of fiberglass fairing. Gun drilled for elimination of brake lines, made to bolt on existing holes, but come with new “U” brackets and longer bolts to accommodate the slightly thicker and wider gear.

One side is done and going quite well. As we work thru the minute details I will update the install as I see it. Ken is developing complete instructions with many good pictures for explanation of the slight differences between these and the stock steel legs.

Speaking of stock; why spend the money for these? Well for one, it’s like putting new polished wheels on your truck or sports car to replace the plastic wheel covers over cheap steel wheels. And then weight savings; Ken strung up my old leg, hardware, leg fairing and brake lines on a scale and then did the same for the new components. BTW, the new inner U bracket is made of aluminum rather than steel, an added savings. Total weight reduction confirmed with two scales and then doubled for both legs and hardware came to right at 15lbs total diet results. Hula’s happy with her new lines.

Ken’s website here. FWIW, I have no investment in this product and have purchased the gear outright but have received free labor of the install. Thanks Ken and Klaus!
Click to Ken’s page then click or tap photo for more info and prices:

And as this writing, three more pairs of legs are produced but unspoken for. Ken may bring some to Oshkosh.

Hula Girl did elect for the polished finish upgrade, being a dancer and all.

I will add more detailed pics and a flight report as time allows.

Klaus-Peter Morhard, German RV-7 builder/pilot removes the old steel gear leg. I think Ken is in the cockpit napping.

One steel leg off, looking like a cold stork:

We primed the inner ends of the aluminum.

The U brackets fit tight with a few taps of the mallet.

Ken and Klaus trial fit. We trimmed a little non-structural belly skin for the larger hardware and thought out the brake hook-up.

Ken is trying not to get too many of his finger prints on Hula’s leg.

We did choose to upgrade our outer U bracket nuts as per AE Steve Smith’s recommendation. Thanks Steve! This helped inside the gear boxes fitting the smaller 12 point socket too.
Steve’s VAF thread:

One leg done. Once we have both done we will check and re-align toe-in/out to neutral.

Both legs installed

To follow will be new brake fluid and an adjustment to the lower and upper intersection fairings.

BruceEicher 06-09-2018 12:26 PM

Details of the gear mount; plenty of room for the fuel vent line and brake line installed as per factory plans. We elected to eliminate the brake line bulkhead fitting and simply threading the line thu the now installed snap bushing and connecting an uninterrupted line to the fitting under the panel. This reduced the line connections by two and made easy work of bending line to the gear’s 90 degree fitting.

We had plenty of aluminum line in the hangar so we made our own at the wheel brake end. Ken measured also for the option of a professional made steel braided line. A relief cut was made in the top center of the wheel pant attach racket to clear the shape of the new gear leg. Ken made a template for this that I believe will become part of the install instructions.

I trimmed the outboard edge of the inspection plate to fit inside the outboard U bracket. The U bracket will be covered by the intersection fairing.

Here’s a pic of the old gear. While in this photo they look shinny, it’s only a facade made of heavy steel, fiberglass and plastic chrome film.

Capt 06-09-2018 09:30 PM

Very flash:) wonder what sort of dollars they are?

RV8JD 06-09-2018 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by Capt (Post 1265893)
Very flash:) wonder what sort of dollars they are?

Click here -->

TS Flightlines 06-10-2018 06:09 AM

Nice package!

BruceEicher 06-20-2018 12:44 PM

Final Test flights
After a test flight without, I installed the wheel pants (with some slight trimming to fit the wider airfoil gear.) And then flew again last night. Several wheel and 3 point landings all felt just like the stock steel legs. One notable difference (even though I started these flights with full tanks) it felt less heavy flying solo than before. 3 pointers are no problem solo without running out of elevator, now even better. I do have a fixed aluminum prop, IO-360 180 hp and Earth-X battery all helping to lighten the nose more than some other -8s.

Now to get to work on the english wheel and make a real polished aluminum canopy skirt rather than the current facade. :)

WA85 06-20-2018 02:50 PM

Is the total delta weight savings ~ 15 lbs per gear leg or ~ 15 lbs total with the new gear?

BruceEicher 06-20-2018 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by WA85 (Post 1268155)
Is the total delta weight savings ~ 15 lbs per gear leg or ~ 15 lbs total with the new gear?

15 Grand Total

Toobuilder 06-20-2018 03:47 PM

How are these different from the Grove?

Chkaharyer99 06-20-2018 03:51 PM

Is the installation included with the purchase?

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