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10-17-2008, 10:42 AM
In looking through archives I've reduced the 2 Stewart Warner oil coolers commonly used in Rockets to be either a 8432R or 10611R ?? I emailed Stewart Warner to ask what the differences between the two are and their respective cooling capacities. Their response was discouraging - "I cannot give that (information) out". What ???? Are you saying I can't get technical information on a technical product ???? But they did give me a link to a Stewart Warner distributor that makes some good information available:
What I gleen from this is that the 8432R and 10611R have essentially identical cooling capacities but different air-flow characteristics and different inlet/outlet configurations. Can I get some more experienced help here ?? Bottom line is that I am after the oil cooler with the greater cooling capacity and cleanest installation in a Rocket.
Thanks !!!

10-17-2008, 10:49 AM
The F1 guys typically use the Positech oil cooler that Mark Frederick sells. I checked the website for the part number but couldn't find it. You can email Mark at F1boss@gmail.com if you want to get one. I know Mark has them in stock but ACS has them backordered.

10-18-2008, 07:32 AM
My HR2 has a SW 13 row 8432R cooler mounted behind the LR baffle at a 30 degree angle, attached to the engine mount. It works OK and temps stay in limits, even living in the SE USA. Normal cruise is 195, climb to 10.5 normally gets to 230 on the hottest day, and cools back down after a few minutes. I use #8 lines and a new Vernatherm, which helps alot.
However comma, Aden Rich has used the Setrab oil cooler with much success. It is also the factory cooler installed in new Porsches and used extensively in race cars. They cost less than a SW and offer AN fittings. Set your thread display option to 45 days and look at the previous threads, this section on oil coolers. 9-10-2008, titled Friend's oil temp high.



PS: I have one on order...

10-20-2008, 02:17 PM
I had a very small Setrab on my 1st Rocket -- it would hold temps to 185-190 as long as I only asked for about 180HP. The dang thing was the size of a paperback -- amazing! I did not chase a larger unit due to fuel flow issues (11GPH was an amazing/painful number to see, coming from the 4 cyl world; that opinion has since changed). I know Setrab makes bigger coolers, but not thicker. This could be different now? Judging from what the lil' guy would handle, it might work just fine.

I sell the Posi-Tech 4219 for 540 Lyc use.

I have found that airflow is generally the problem with oil temp issues -- the aviation style coolers appear to be about equal in BTU rejection.

Carry on!

11-17-2008, 04:43 PM
I got a great reply from Mark Oldham at Pacific Oil Cooler:
"Between the 2 coolers you mentioned, I would give the edge to the 8432r dual pass cooler ($587.00)- Although I'm not familiar with the exact size limitations of the rocket, the 8432R is both smaller and more efficient than the 10611R. The only cooler that would be signifcantly more efficient than the 8432R (8 row) is the 10631S (13 row) dual pass cooler. However, the height dimension is 7.15". Roughly 1.5" taller than the 8432R."

So I've got some seemingly conflicting; is the 8432 8 row or 13 row ?? John Harmon said that he has a 13 row dual pass - P/N unknown.

At this point I'm looking for dimensional data on the 10631S and leaning towards it for my Rocket.

11-20-2008, 03:29 PM
The SW 106321S is classified as a 13 row Dual Pass oil cooler; its dimensions are:
3.62 thick X 7.94 wide X 7.15 tall
The SW 8432R is classified as a 8 row Dual Pass oil cooler; its dimensions are:
3.62 thick X 7.94 wide X 5.68 tall

I've got a 310/320hp motor and think I'll go with the 106321S cooler in an attempt to avoid cooling issues.